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Don’t run away from mass testing, MP tells residents in lockdown areas
Tarikh : 09 Sep 2021  Sumber Berita: Borneo Post Online


BINTULU (Sept 9): Residents in lockdown areas here have been reminded against escaping from mass testing.

Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King said they must not risk their and other people’s lives.

“You won’t know if you have the disease or not. Even without having symptoms, you cannot guarantee the future.

“If the situation gets worse, you will only have yourself to blame. The Health Department is not locking anyone in particular, they only want to detect infected persons as early as possible in order to perform isolation and treatment,” he advised.

Tiong said these medical staff carried out their duties even under the scorching sun, wearing full PPE in order to protect everyone’s health.

Based on the worsening situation in Bintulu, he personally believed that all households must formulate and implement a set of safety procedures to prevent Covid-19 from spreading in their families, instead of passively relying on the government to supervise them.

For instance, he added, they should carry out self-disinfection immediately upon coming home, shower immediately and clean their clothes.

“Do not share utensils even at home with other relatives. Let us do everything we can to reduce the risk of transmission,” he advised.

Tiong also repeatedly stressed that it is not the right time for parents to take their children out for walks or sightseeing.

“Be alert to the trend of diagnoses among younger patients and protect our little ones, instead of just relying on frontliners to perform the anti-Covid-19 work.

“Today (yesterday), there are more than 90 confirmed cases of children below 18 years old in a single day,” he said.

Reminding that it is not the time for excursions anywhere, he said no one looking at this data would not feel worried.

He reminded that in the current situation, self-discipline and self-reliance are most important, and there is no need to go out and risk getting infected.