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Sangan, Nanga Tau health clinics to be Covid-19 vaccination centres in Tatau
Tarikh : 08 Jun 2021  Sumber Berita: The Borneo Post


The GPS volunteers checking the items to be distributed to the households in a longhouse.

TATAU (June 8): The Sangan and Nanga Tau health clinics in the district will become a vaccination centre for rural communities, especially among the elderly, to get their Covid-19 vaccination jabs, said Assistant Minister of Native Laws and Customs Datuk John Sikie Tayai.

He said the Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) government was aware that some people in remote areas were facing difficulties in getting vaccinated at the Tatau Sports Hall due to various factors.

Therefore, after a recent meeting, the Kakus assemblyman said it had been agreed upon to turn both health clinics into a vaccination centre.

“So no worries for senior citizens, you can get your vaccination jabs at these health clinics,” he said when met during the distribution of Sarawakku Sayang food aid to the recipients at Rumah Dilang, Ulu Anap and Rumah Salleh, Nanga Tau, in Tatau on Monday.

At the same time, he said the GPS government is doing its best to ensure that every citizen aged 18 and above in the state gets the vaccine.

“I hope the people who have not received the vaccine will be patient because the vaccination is being carried out in stages. In addition, a mobile team will come here to give vaccine injections,” he said.

This was the second day of food aid distribution for the residents in Kakus after the delivery of 270 food baskets in Nanga Takan areas on Sunday. A total of 7,577 households in Kakus have been listed to receive food aid.

“Some even asked when they will get this food aid. This assistance cannot be given simultaneously — please be patient as we have less staff, plus we are out of stock and need to wait for a few more days,” said Sikie.

A total of 190 households from 14 longhouses in the area received food baskets from the state government.

The 14 longhouses were Rumah Dilang, Rumah Wan, Rumah Kelisop, Rumah Reenie, Rumah Anai, Rumah Louis, Rumah Medan, Rumah Salleh, Rumah Jan, Rumah Baja, Rumah Satan, Rumah Saran, Rumah Suang, and Rumah Nira.