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Majang: Only Bintulu Port Authority under federal jurisdiction
Tarikh : 25 Nov 2022  Sumber Berita: The Borneo Post Online


KUCHING (Nov 25): The Sarawak government holds 100 per cent autonomy over Kuching, Rajang, Miri, Tanjung Manis and Samalaju port authorities.

But for Bintulu Port Authority, it is a federal statutory body under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport, Malaysia, said Deputy Minister for Infrastructure and Ports Development Dato Majang Renggi.

“Over 80 per cent of global trade by volume is handled by ports worldwide. It is undisputed that ports are crucial and play significant roles in contributing to the economic growth of Sarawak.

“It is the Sarawak government’s policy that its Ports Authorities be controlled and managed by Sarawakians,” he said in the august House yesterday.

He was replying to Johnny Pang Leong Ming (GPS-Tanjong Batu) who asked if the federal government should consider transferring 100 per cent autonomy on ports in Sarawak to the state government and Sarawakians given priority to hold important management positions.

He informed that out of the 124 total personnel serving in Bintulu Port Authority, 118 or 95.2 per cent are Sarawakians, with Sarawakians constituting 26 out of 29 staff in the Management and Professional Group and 92 out of 95 in the Support Group.