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Tiong looking into having govt hospital, private medical centre built next to each other in Bintulu
Tarikh : 13 Nov 2022  Sumber Berita: The Borneo Post Online


BINTULU (Nov 13): Bintulu incumbent Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing is looking into the possibility of a cooperation with the private sector such as Hospital Universiti Malaya to have a government hospital and a private medical centre built next to each other.

“We are currently conducting preliminary research to find suitable land and locations to build a hospital with the aim of reducing congestion in the existing hospital and clinic, especially when waiting for treatment,” he said.

However, he said due to the location of the existing hospital, the authorities cannot build more parking spaces.

Tiong said the Bintulu Hospital parking lot problem has not yet been resolved because there is a problem with the water reservoir above the hospital.

He had discussed with the contractor before whether it needs to be demolished or rebuilt, because the reservoir is cracked and sooner or later the demolition process will have to be done.

“But let’s not wait until a big crack occurs to deal with it,” he said.

Thus, in order to provide sufficient parking space, he proposed to build a car park under the multi-storey building, while the addition of the ward can be built on top of the car park.

However, Tiong said it is important that after the upgrading of the government hospital, it will not lead to an increase in medical expenses.

“After examining the messages posted on Facebook Live, I found that many people have misunderstood by thinking that Bintulu wants to establish a private hospital.  For me there is no need for now.

“I cannot stop any party from building a private hospital in Bintulu, but what is important is to ensure that the government hospital charges should be cheap and of good quality,” he said.

He added no matter how many private hospitals are established, the middle- and lower-income groups will not be able to afford it and this will make the medical system fail to cover all communities and this will also be an obstacle for them to get medical services.

The five-term Bintulu incumbent said he always been concerned about Bintulu Hospital, medical equipment and the entire health system.

“I will do my best to upgrade Bintulu Hospital so that the hospital can provide the best service to the people.

“At the same time, I will also work to upgrade various hospital equipment.  This is what I want to do for Bintulu Hospital and the people of Bintulu,” he said.