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Minister calls for longhouse women’s bureau to move in line with JKKKs
Tarikh : 21 Dec 2020  Sumber Berita: The Borneo Post

Dr Rundi (front, fifth left) leads the cake-cutting ceremony. Seen from his left are longhouse chieftain TR Raymond Plen and Loreta.

BINTULU: The role of the women’s bureau in every longhouse and village should be strengthened to ensure that it would benefit every member of the community, especially the womenfolk, said Minister of Utilities Dato Sri Dr Stephen Rundi Utom.

In this regard, he said all women’s bureaus should move in line with the village security and development committees (JKKK), which had long been established to manage longhouses more efficiently and systematically.

“For the same purpose, the profile of every longhouse must be updated constantly to make it easier for every visitor to know the information related to the residents, and also for the authorities to find out their needs from time to time,” said Dr Rundi, who is Kemena assemblyman, in opening a ‘Leaders With People’ session at Rumah Raymond Plen in Sebauh here last Saturday, where the longhouse also held the 15th anniversary celebration of its women’s bureau.

Adding on, the minister said the women’s bureau held a crucial role – managing women’s affairs in a longhouse, especially those related to their daily activities as well as the economy and livelihood of all households.

“At the same time, all women’s bureau members must strive to be more proactive when it comes to uplifting the socio-economic status of their families and in extension, of the whole longhouse community.

“This falls under their responsibility,” added Dr Rundi, who attended the event with his wife Datin Sri Loreta Sawot.

Later at the event, the minister announced an assistance grant of RM30,000 and also a RM5,000 contribution from Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Dato Sri Alexander Nanta Linggi, for JKKK Rumah Raymond.

Additionally, Dr Rundi also announced a special assistance meant for the installation of new rubber mat for the ‘ruai’ (common area) section of the longhouse.