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23 Mac 2020 - 150 police, army personnel to enforce MCO around the clock — Bintulu OCPD

Police and army personnel at a roadblock along the Bintulu-Miri coastal road.

BINTULU: Some 150 police and army personnel have been deployed on the streets on a 24-hour basis to enforce the movement control order (MCO) in Bintulu division.

District police chief Supt Zulkipli Suhaili said police are being assisted by 48 personnel from the 7th Battalion of the Border Regiment, led by its commanding officer Lt-Col Norhisam Miskon, to ensure public compliance with the MCO.

“I would like to thank the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) for the collaboration in the operation and I hope the public will give more cooperation in our effort to carry out our duty to ensure their safety from Covid-19,” he told reporters after briefing the enforcement teams at the Central Police Station here yesterday.

To a question, Zulkipli said there was a higher level of compliance on Day 5 of the MCO as the public is now more aware of their responsibility in assisting the government stop the spread of the coronavirus.

He said during the course of the operations here, 24-hour roadblocks will be set up at four main locations, in addition to snap checks and patrols around the town and residential areas.

He said the presence of the army should not worry the public as military personnel are being deployed to assist police enforce the MCO.

“There is no need to panic. Just follow the law and please don’t go out if you have no urgent need to do so. During the roadblock, we will stop and ask motorists on the need for them to go out during this MCO period. This is our approach – to advise – and hopefully the people will understand and comply with the order,” Zulkipli said.He added those heading out to buy food and other daily necessities should do so alone and not bring along their family as it would go against the purpose of controlling the movement of the people.

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